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VP: Business Development

Graham is a recognized thought leader in the renewable energy sector, embodying the philosophy of playing where the puck is going to be. He successfully brings old-school values to a rapidly evolving industry, believing in relationships, dialogue and the trust that comes with never taking shortcuts. “My defining moment was while running a 90km Ultra-Marathon at 23 and being overtaken by Wally Hayward at 81. What we do is not a sprint—stopping to redo things kills momentum, so do it right the first time."

Having smartened up and stopped these crazy runs, he loves to travel with Sandie and their kids and is also a good ringer for a golf match.



Managing Director

Derek manages the staff and day-to-day processes of Operations. He has over 10 years’ experience working in solar and has lived with solar in grid-tied or off-grid applications for over 17 years. Before joining the hb team, he was a principal in a bottling operation for 20 years, employing 75 people; then owned and operated a solar design & installation company for several years. He holds patents in innovative packaging.



Special Projects Manager

Cam oversees an ever-changing list of internal and external projects. With significant experience on rooftops of all types, Cam truly understands the full range of issues facing installers. Residential portfolios, customer training, new product development, technical sales support, product standards testing and internal computer systems are some of the many hats that Cam wears.


Regional Sales Manager

Ed is responsible for developing and maintaining customer relationships across Canada. With a passion for people and solar, Ed enjoys helping bring projects to life and takes pride in ensuring customers are supported and satisfied from concept to completion. Ed’s professional experience spans several decades of technical sales with companies like Bell, Kyocera, Sony, and Wurth Canada. Ed resides in Cambridge where he spends time with his family at the rink for hockey and coaching lacrosse.