Metal Roof


hb has earned the reputation as a leading provider of metal roof solutions. 

The reputation has been built on nearly 10 years of multi-MW portfolios and challenging projects. Thanks to our validation efforts and the experience of working with top-notch installers and EPC’s, we have built a strong knowledge base allowing us to meet the demands of almost any project. 

  • Orient the modules south no matter the roof orientation

  • Supply exposed fastener (trapezoidal, corrugated) flush mounts both rail-free and rail based solutions

  • Offer multiple heights from the roof deck to help with ventilation or mounting power optimizers

  • Provide tilt solutions up to 15° tilt angle, lower angles available without wind deflectors


Standing Seam - hb Seam Clamp

  • hb seam clamp compatible with most standing seam profiles for a non-penetrating connection

  • Use of hb Miracle Bracket maximizes module support and minimizes point loading by distributing system weight across the roof deck

  • Minimal parts count means quick and easy installation


Corrugated with Wood Substructure - Roof Channel

  • Roof Channel design offers contour-following with factory-applied watertight butyl backing

  • Installed up the pitch which allows for portrait installation with panel clamping in module green zone

  • Fast, easy to install and watertight


Corrugated with Steel Substructure - AG Bracket

  • Self drilling metal screw means no pre-drilling

  • AG bracket attaches with only 2 screws

  • Factory-applied butyl backing ensures water tight seal

  • Easy install with minimal material



“We had a great time working with the team to get this project built. Each step was straight-forward, and we were very happy with the design and finished look of the installation.”
— Eric, Eldor Contracting

Product: Vicerack2 on a standing seam roof. Sold through Wesco Distribution.



“Just so you know, your Vicerack system is without a doubt the nicest, cleanest, easiest system I’ve been involved with.”
— Unsolicited feedback from the Installer

Product: Vicerack PC skewed across a standing seam roof.


"We’ve been using TRP for a year on different roof types. We recently completed a 200kw system for an Aerospace facility using Vicerack2 at 20° tilt—both square to and skewed to the standing seam. TRP is flexible and has increased our installation efficiency as a company."
— Craig Pals, Tick Tock

Product: Vicerack2 skewed across a standing seam roof.