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hb Solar Canada has manufactured and delivered pv-array mounting systems for over 1200 projects, with a combined capacity of over 175 MWp in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and United States.

One-stop solution for smart rooftop PV racking


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Low ballast rooftop solar racking solutions for flat roof applications


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Tilted racking solutions for low pitch metal roof decks


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Flushmount solar mounting for pitched shingled and metal roofs

3D Assembly Animations

EcoFoot2+ 3D animation


VICERACK 3D animation.


VICERACK on Corrugated roof 3D animation

SKYRACK 3D animation



We provide module layouts that maximize solar yield. All our designs meet local permit requirements, and are delivered with locally stamped engineering drawings.


Our systems are constructed with non corrosive materials such as Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Analysed and approved by industry leading manufacturers and suppliers, our racking is built to surpass the test of time.


All of our systems are designed to accommodate various roof types. Regardless of module type, or module orientation, we provide efficient solutions to meet your project criteria.

Rapid Installation

Extensive research and development to our system assemblies has resulted in dramatically reduced installation time. In addition, we provide a full scope of training solutions with every project delivered.

Integrated Bonding

Within our design, we provide integrated bonding components that help eliminate additional labour in wiring. All bonding/grounding solutions come certified & tested.

Wind tunnel tested

All of our systems have been wind tunnel tested, providing the data needed to resist both wind uplift and additional snow accumulation on the roof.

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Our Projects to date.

We have designed and delivered multiple racking solutions for various metal, shingled and flat roof types all across North America. Take a look at some of our recently installed projects and see how our systems can work for you. Simply click on the image to expand the project in detail.

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May 2, 2017

Oct. 17-19, 2017 hb solar SKYPORT on display at CPA Conference ...

As members of the Canadian Parking Association, hb solar is pleased to showcase SKYPORT EV-charge ready solar carport systems ...
February 16, 2017

Visit HB Solar at CanSIA Solar West 2017, May 9-11, Edmonton Alberta

For more information visit: http://solarwestconference.ca/

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ECOFOOT2+ “We had the materials up on the roof by around 9:30 and started putting it together. There were only 2 guys and we were done with panels and racking by about 2:15 (with a healthy lunch break). Quickest 10kw we have installed!”

Adam Radsma / Owner – Niagara Solar

Our experience with hb Solar's VICERACK has been nothing short of outstanding. Our customer's deadline for their 780kW installation was less than 6 weeks. hb Solar's racking system allowed us to install 35kW per day with a crew of 6, completing the job on time. This product is exceptional!

Wil Beardmore / CEO, Bluewater Energy